lundi 28 novembre 2011

A Villa with Relating Architecture and Nature

Carl-Johan Smedshammar cooperates with Andres Holmberg Architects to design this villa. The villa is located in Vallentuna, Sweden. The villa shows its beauty by relating architecture and nature. The villa is surrounded by oak trees and sits a top of a small hill, with views nearby lake. The exterior of the villa is very interesting. Then the interior are bright and large and has nice decoration. The bookcase with many storage places gives calm sensation to the entire rooms. The outdoor balcony is really good for meditation.

It's really mysterious to see that the more a man is being modernized, the more it gets closer to nature in itself. It is quiet small houses that are built to move away from the city, the city short of its own corruption, because in the words of Jean Jacques Rousseau: "Man is born naturally good, it the society that corrupts. "

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