lundi 14 novembre 2011

Manifesto of Little Monsters

As part of her Monster Ball world tour, Lady Gaga with Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben created a number of films to use as part of her on-stage performance and as interludes in the epic show. Building film into the architectonic feeling of the Monster Ball tour, these four films explore notions of fame, iconicism and life in an evolving metropolis.

Usually when we think about Lady Gaga, people imagines a character who evokes the POP culture, a personality too much mediatized according to some. I have to tell in all people to go be done!! Lady Gaga is a person very cultivated, who advances the causes who likes her heart.
In this  video, she expresses quite her gratitude to her fans, I find this very humble gesture. Finally, a celebrity which dedicates a cult to these fans, because how she said: " when your lonely, I' ll be lonely too... "

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