vendredi 4 novembre 2011


There are more than six billion people living on the planet right now, and over 33 million of them live in Canada alone. That's a lot of people making decisions. The state of the world is determined by the choices people make, but as you know if you've ever asked a group of friends their opinion on getting dental implants in Toronto, there some people whose decisions matter more than others. These are the newsmakers, the leaders. They are the people who determine the direction of society. They are the Influencers.

Even though you and I may never make a bigger decision than which firm to turn to for
real estate services in Toronto, we still need to do our part in shaping the world. How do we do that? By keeping tabs on the most powerful and influential people. By staying informed about what's going on in the world. And by standing by, ready to take action if the world is going in a direction we don't like. Because as important as these few influencers are, together, we the masses can overwhelm their influence if we all stand together.

So who are these influencers? Influencers are the wealthy, the powerful, the prominent people in our society. Some of their names you may already know - like Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, and Stephene Meyer - while others exert their driving forces from behind the scenes by suggesting new
class actions in Canada or delivering reports that change the opinions of the people who make the decisions. We'll introduce you to the Influencers whose choices affect your life, both the ones you would guess are influential, like political leaders - and the ones you wouldn't, like film directors, and outline for you why these people are so influential.

Most Influencers are not born. They are made. Some are shaped into forces for change by others who have seen their potential, while others have made something of themselves after growing tired of driving a
Brampton airport taxi. If it's your goal to become an Influencer yourself, our definitions and career paths information will be invaluable to your efforts. We believe any one of us can become an Influencer if we simply put our minds and our efforts toward the task.

Forces for change come in good and in bad forms. Some are obvious, and some are so subtle that they are difficult to trace. We are your source for information relating to both. We can tell you what procedure developed at Resume Writing Winnipeg will sweep the world. We can deliver news, information, profiles, and more - anything that will give you a clearer picture of how the world works. Check out the navigation bar above for our topics and to get your learn on...


I believe that we need these influencers. Human, alway needed a  hand. All this to begin with the religion religion was there to tell people what's bad or not. However, today, the world became disillusioned with people get loose more and more from the religion. Each person get there own vison but... We still need anybody who have a strong charisma, who have the power to affect the decisions of the others, to change things. Chanel, Steve Jobs, Picasso... They all change the way to think, they gave their own vison.

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