lundi 28 novembre 2011

Inspiring video

Oscar ZabalaAfter high school I spent a couple years on the road touring in a band called Rodeia with my best friends.. I got to see the world and meet a lot of amazing people. Then I ran away to the circus... I graduated from The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA on June 2009. While I was there I also scouted for new artist at Columbia Records. At school I was awarded the AAA Art Director Scholarship, and over 40 Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards including Best of Show, and the Student Choice Award. I was snatched up by an agency called Baldwin& so the school graduated me a little earlier than planned. I was asked to come to Baldwin& as one of four founders, and spent a year learning from one of the most awarded, and nicest creatives in the business, David Baldwin. I wore many many hats while I was there, and am thankful for it. Now I'm pursuing that whole "dream" thing in NYC. Overall, it's been good times thus far.

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