mardi 8 novembre 2011


The 19's are an exploration of sand casting technique from the designer Omer Arbel. Essentially a shape is pressed into sand to create a void, and metal is roughly poured into the void. Some "overspill" is a by-product of this process, which is, in conventional circumstance, cleaned up after production and re-finished.
Instead, in this project we explored the expressive possibilities of the "overspill" giving the piece a phenomenological identity.
In the 19's, a large and generous overspill is encouraged during the production process, which is designed to occur at the rim of each bowl. The brass overflows around the perimeter of the bowl in a completely unpredictable manner, making each piece completely unique from any other ever made.
19's are made of recycled brass at the oldest foundry on the West Coast of Canada, located in East Vancouver. The 'overspill' oxidizes instantly during the pour, producing a highly textured surface which stands in contrast to the interior of the bowl surface, which is polished to a near mirror finish.

I find absolutely fabulous the work of this artist, this experimental demontre project absolutely Faith Popcorn's trend:Atmosfear, however he demonstrates it by paying tribute to the  materials from earth.This work demonstrates exactly trends that I want to express in my work.

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