jeudi 27 octobre 2011


As I have already mentioned  previously, I am pretty inspired by all which is organic. For my part, I find that there's nothing more modern than  the forms from nature. I believe that when the human looks for the modernity, it is little because he is for his own research...

This season is characterised by the polarity of extremes. As the seasons seamlessly roll out across the year, the angry and weird shout out alongside the quietly rational and rooted.While a sense of uncertainty and disorientation prevails, environmental influences provide a space for contemplation. Atmospheric colour murmurs and comforts rather than confronts. In this space, re-evaluate what neutral means as an attitude rather than acolour to bring about formal order and rationality.Colour is re-contextualised, subverting expectations. Alternative references influence autumnal palettes, which in turn become more outlandish yet casual, as workwear goes formal. Escapism and fantasy punctuate this otherwise balanced message, bringing out an anarchic activist story of protest artists, eccentricities and theatre. The aggressive fire and warmth of urban energy is powered by lunacy and emotion.(source:

The spirit of video inspires me a lot, well, the nature and the woman who make only one. I find it very poetic, but it's the return to the base of life, We coexist with an ecosystem.

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