vendredi 28 octobre 2011


Here's my new obsession... of the DAY (hahaha!). Rick Owens, which talented creator! Working at La maison Simons, in men's collections, downtown Montreal, I have the luck to see his line DRKSHDW, every time I work!. I like particularly his work for his pures line, the proportions of his clothes, his work is raw and that's the way I appreciate it. Each universes that he show to us, every collections, he's a very talented designers.

This is a portrait of Rick Owens by... you will be surprised... by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben  that exploring the decadent, dandyish elegance of Owen's menswear and the man himself. You have also, the "making off" with a small interview.


Black, signature slim buttoned closure denim jacket with angular pockets on either side, slim leather sleeves, ribbed cuffs and slim collar.
100% Cotton
$CAD 1399
When I tell you about pure lines, here's what I'm talking about. I discovered this coat at Reborn, in the Old Port of Montreal.

Black, signature ultra-low drop crotch lengthy casual short with contrasting drawstring, deep pockets on either side and rear panel insert construction.
100% Cotton
$CAD 450
I'm not fan of that kind of pants, but it is pants made for me tlmt indeed, I like them. They are definitively on my shoppinglist!

So, I leave you on this video of the last collection Rick Owens for summer, 2012.
If you have comments or advice, go for it, I'll be happy to recieve them.

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