lundi 5 décembre 2011


Founded in 1866, La Maison Ogilvy offers Montreal and the world a unique shopping experience. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, it houses numerous boutiques, hosting the world's great fashion designers and featuring an array of lifestyle and beauty brands.Tradition and contemporary rhythms blend in this magic location: "There's only one Ogilvy!"

I went to this giant of luxury in Montreal, specifically at Louis Vuitton, which reopened recently. I love the classic brand, I find that in their new space, we note that classic ambiance and warm.

1307 Sainte-Catherine Street West (corner de la Montagne)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 842-7711

Shirt, cardigan:  140 à 925 $
Dress: 479 à 999
Skirt: 155 à 425
Pants: 249 à 745
Coat: 379 à 2199 $

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